How to Train Your Dragon
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An OC site for those fans of Berk. Roleplay as a rider or as a dragon
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 Butterfly's OC Sheet!

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PostSubject: Butterfly's OC Sheet!   Thu Dec 26, 2013 10:28 pm



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Dragon: Just the dragons in the forest

Current topics:
Just...A Vacation of Sorts ^^

Completed/Dead topics:

Character relationships:
Jackal: Dueled by the lake in Wild Dragon Cliff, wounded him, and ended up taking him back to her home to heal his injuries


Ice Whisper

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Species: Night Fury

Trainer: None

Current topics:
Ice's Failure

Completed/Dead topics:
Muffin Tummy Assails the Forest

Character relationships:
Muffin Tummy: Watched as she tumbled out of the sky in The Woods That Howled
Jackal: Fell in the forest and was found by him. Still a tad annoyed by the man

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Butterfly's OC Sheet!
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