How to Train Your Dragon
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An OC site for those fans of Berk. Roleplay as a rider or as a dragon
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 Get Started on Your OC Please!

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Get Started on Your OC Please! Empty
PostSubject: Get Started on Your OC Please!   Get Started on Your OC Please! EmptyFri Dec 27, 2013 6:33 pm

The following rule has been added to keep role playing members in and space-wasters out.

1. Each member is expected to begin work on his or her OC application within his or her first week of membership. If a conflict prevents a member from publishing an OC in a timely fashion, he or she may speak with a moderator or administrator for exemption. New members showing no desire to role-play may be removed.
2. Members may only role-play with OCs that have been approved by a moderator or administrator.

If you do not begin work on your OC app within your first week of membership, you are at risk of the consequences. Thank you for your attention.

Hello Guest! Welcome to the site! Don't hesitate to ask me or another admin if you have any question
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Get Started on Your OC Please!
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