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An OC site for those fans of Berk. Roleplay as a rider or as a dragon
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PostSubject: Jackal   Jackal EmptySun Dec 29, 2013 1:01 am

Character Name: Jackal
Nickname/Alias: none as yet
Age: 18
Dragon: none as yet
Gender: male
   Height: 5'10''
   Weight: 140lbs
   Hair Color: Black
   Eye Color: Blue
   Build: lean but muscular
   Tattoos/Piercings: he has a tattoo of a pair of dragon wings on his shoulder blades.
   Other: He tends to be clean but does not really comb his hair other than this he usually carries a knife, a tool bag, a sword his father gave him, and a few bits of armor he also got from his father.
   Likes: Dragons, helping people around berk, wandering through the woods and sword fighting
   Dislikes: elitists, and bullies.
   Fears: he is only afraid of his family being hurt and not being able to stop it.
   Weaknesses: His feelings get hurt easy other than this he has all the normal flaws of mankind.
  Other: Normally he is quiet but friendly. He tries to help out when ever he can whether it is tending sheep or building a barn. He is especially fond of cooking and sword fighting which he practices only at home or when he is alone.

Role: Handyman.
History: He grew up as an only child and pretty much had a normal childhood up until he was 8. His mother was horribly burned by a rogue dragon, and from there his life changed a little bit. From that point on he spent a lot of time tending her with his father. She had become sickly and afraid to leave the home. At first he hated dragons because of this but as he grew older and his father sent him out to work in place of himself he began to see them in a new light. He wanted to be a warrior and a dragon trainer but his mother forbade him from it and as time went by he had to work harder to support his family as he father left home less and less.
In payment for this sacrifice his father trained him in the way of the viking warrior in secret, a father son secret. His work has earned him many friends around berk, and it has given him a good knowledge of the various families living there. He takes up any odd job and only rarely charges people and even then only enough for his family to get by on. Now his father only rarely leaves the home and his mother is slowly going crazy but he hides it as well as he can from the village.

Sample RP:  A child has lost its mother and is sobbing inconsolably in the village. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation

jackal was out for his mid afternoon stroll to the market to pick up a few things for his folks when the undeniable sounds of a sobbing child caught his attention. He looked this way and that through the crowd until he at last spotted her. It was the Gruffmanson's daughter ruby.
He wandered over to her casually. Kneeling next to where she huddled with her knees drawn up to her chin.
“ What ya doin ruby?” he asked warmly “ watering your knees?”

he was not really good at jokes but he hoped it might cheer her up at least a little. On hearing his voice she looked up her face marred with sadness.

“ Oh jackal....I can't find my mommy....” she blurted out through a fresh flood of tears. She suddenly scrabbled forward throwing her arms about him. He hefted the little girl easily.

“ Only that, well berk ain't so big.” he  comforted “ You just relax and let me do the work. I'll find her in 10 seconds flat.”

She nestled into him, her tears ebbing little by little as he began the task of locating her mother. It would not be too hard, her mother was a rather noticeable woman with a tattoo on her face of all places.

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PostSubject: Re: Jackal   Jackal EmptySun Dec 29, 2013 1:25 am

Seems okay-awesome XD


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