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 Stoker Class

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Below are types of Stoker Class dragons stated in the movie, the show and the video game. If I missed any, don't hesitate to PM me.
Common dragons are allowed by any members, while the rare can differ between Mods and Admins
Level 1=Very Common
Level 2=Common
Level 3=Uncommon 100 posts and up (Also, mods and up)
Level 4=Very uncommon-350 posts and up (Also, mods and up)
Level 5=Rare-400 posts and up-Must get permission from an admin or mod (Also, admins and up)
UR=Ultra Rare-Only admins are allowed to make these, and even then they must have at least 500 posts, the dragon can only be used for site events

Stoker Class
Stoker Class 7mD4Q5O
Stoker Class dragons are hotheaded fire breathers, and most of them are capable of setting themselves on fire. However, it is possible to lose their fire, a sign that shows that the stoker dragon is about to die. This can be reignited by a Fireworm Queen's venom or by eating their Flame Gel combs.

Monstrous Nightmare T Level 2
Stoker Class Bx5zZxG
The Monstrous Nightmare is one of the most aggressive, powerful, and stubborn breeds of dragon known to Vikings. A Nightmare is usually purple, scarlet, or green and possesses a long, snakelike neck and tail. Unlike some other breeds of dragon, it has no forelegs, and its ground-based locomotion is using its claw-tipped wings to "crawl" along the floor.

As it is quick to anger, the Monstrous Nightmare can be counted on to be the first to arrive and the last to leave in a fight. Its signature attack strategy, known as the "Fire Jacket," is to engulf itself in flames, resulting in an intimidating offensive and defensive maneuver similar in appearance to napalm or other gel-based incendiaries. This dragon also has powerful jaws, sharp teeth and talons like meat hooks. It can also use its tail as a club.

By nature, the Monstrous Nightmare is fearless and proud. Nightmares are some of the strongest dragons around and they know it. The best way to earn the trust of a Nightmare is simply to show it the respect it deserves. Placing a gentle hand on its snout and showing you are not a threat to it is the best way to go.

Terrible Terror T Level 1
Stoker Class RoaRSR2
The Terrible Terror is among the second smallest of the dragons, but also one of the most feared. It loosely resembles the Common or Garden Dragon and is roughly the size of a small cat. The Terror can crawl into Viking homes, sheds, outhouses and shacks, attacking when its prey is least expecting it. The only warning a Terror gives is the hissing sound it makes just before breathing fire. It is capable of such pinpoint accuracy with its flames that it can be considered the sniper of the dragon world.

The Terrible Terror also has an Iguana-like body and two pair of horns. It has 2 wings. There are varieties of colors. It also has a pointed tail.

Typhoomerang T Level 3
Stoker Class GxTLEZn
Typhoomerangs have a unique ability while flying: they spin at high speeds, zooming through the air. Although, as they spin, they seem to scorch objects around them, making them extremely dangerous. The act leaves a distinctive burn mark on the ground below. The ash seems to act as a fertilizer.  Full grown Typhoomerangs are unable to glide from a dive. If they do they could crash or get badly hurt.  Typhoomerangs are very large dragons; coming in a variety of colors, including blue, yellow, red, and orange.

Fireworm UT Level 2
Stoker Class JoPSXiF
The Fireworm is like the cockroach of the dragon world, that is, if a cockroach could superheat its skin to burn everything it touched. It also has traits from bees in that they create gel that's stored in honeycomb-like structures and have a queen.

These dragons are often found in large groups. This actually makes them extremely dangerous. They are even remotely aggressive, occasionally clinging to potential enemies. Usually Fireworms make their homes in dark caverns.

Common Fireworms are about half the size of Terrible Terrors. They have dark gray scales with red skin underneath, or gray skin that turns red when heated. They also have five sets of legs for a total of ten legs. They have fierce eyes that glow in the dark. They resemble lizards, with their wide heads and long bodies. When they heat, they glow white-red, and sometimes light their bodies on fire.

All fireworms can heat up their skin to temperature high enough that can burn almost anything. While doing so they also generate a great amount of light, and sometimes, they even catch themselves on fire. It is known that the closer two fireworms are together the brighter they will shine.

Fireworm Queen UT Level 5
Stoker Class SjchWX2
Fireworm Queens are very protective of their firecombs of gel and will chase down anything that tries to take it. Despite their aggressive nature, they seem to know if another dragon's fire is worn out, and are kind and sympathetic enough to reignite other dragons' firepower with their venom.

The queen of the fireworms looks quite similar to your average fireworm, but she has some differences that make her stand out from the rest. For instance, while the common fireworm can fit in the palm of a hand, the queen is several thousand times bigger, her size is comparable to that of a Monstrous Nightmare. She also possesses  several protuberances in the back and front of her head that resembles a crown.

Fireworm Queens have very unruly gaseous fire that spews out small fireworks, along with a strong prehensile tail that can pick up large objects over 5,000lbs or more . On top of that, they are able to stand on four legs and their tongue has a venom that has the ability to reignite the worn out fire of Monstrous Nightmares (and possibly other dragons). Fireworms can also produce some kind of gel that gives them their fire and they store in honeycomb-like containers. This same gel can give a Monstrous Nightmare back his fire.

Red Death T Level 5
Stoker Class HIUYOUs
The Red Death, the second biggest species after the Bewilderbeast, is a colossal dragon; literally its entire body is a weapon itself. Not only with brutal destructive power, the queen of dragons has been shown to have an incredible speed and stamina in flight despite its tremendous size. The dragon also does not have a blind spot, due to having six sensitive eyes, and heavily relies on scent and hearing.

The Red Death's flame jets are enormous and are powerful enough to take down an entire Viking fleet of ships in just one breath. Like other dragons however, the Red Death can't hunt efficiently if its wings are damaged and it's just as susceptible to fire on its insides.

Resembling of the Bewilderbeasts, the Red Death is also capable of enforcing smaller dragons to obey even against their wills. Controlling measure is somewhat similar to methods used by the Bewilderbeasts: sounds. Like bees, the queen howls sub-vocal homing signals that reach miles away to call up minions. Unlike the Bewilderbeasts and kinder individuals, this Red Death was also harnessing fear positively to enslave other dragons; single stares from six eyes are very enough to diminish smaller dragons' self possessions completely.

Commanding thousands of minions, the Red Death has acute intelligence and keen insight, to notice small events or intruders into the nest. The system to enslave and dominate smaller dragons in the areas at the first stages is unknown.

Hobblegrunt T Level 1
Stoker Class BiWtGsg
The Hobblegrunt has a single horn and and an expandable frill surrounding its head. It has clawed wings, small arms and big legs like a Deadly Nadder. It also appears to have long neck and tail as well. The Hobblegrunt doesn't have a particular color, but instead it changes color depending on its mood:
Yellow: Happy
Purple: Curious
Red: Angry

Unofficial (original)

Firecrested Nightdweller UK Level 2
Stoker Class BdCzJsL (Male) Stoker Class 3KfD2f9 (Female)

Female Firecrested Nightdwellers are Red-scaled with black plating coating their stomach, knuckles and sides. The males are black scaled with red plating. Both varieties have feathers, fur, and layered scales coating their back, head, and tails, imitating fire. Both genders have a bone-like plate which covers their face, which emits a soft glow in the darkness. The tip of their tail produces an almost constant flame, allowing the dragons to see when flying at night, or when exploring their cave homes. Young Nightdwellers are a  deep scarlet, fading to the appropriate gender coloring, gaining the markings as it grows.

Young Firecrested Nightdwellers are more well known than adults, as they often die as young, leaving their carcasses outside the caves as the only evidence this species exists.

They are loyal, protective, ferocious. They will normally attack a human if a weapon it recognizes is seen. It is recorded that they will die for their young and possibly their trainer. They tend to fear rain or water. Water inhibits the regrowth ability of the dragon's scales, as well as its ability to produce light and heat waves from its face and tail.

These dragons are very territorial, and can be extremely dangerous. They have unique flame attacks from the tail, used like a scorpion. They can "shoot" scales from its wings, also will bash with head, legs, and body.

Firecrested Nightdewellers have an ability to produce light in bone-like mask structures attached to the front of their face. They live in underground cave systems, inside which they will often dig individual homes for themselves and their young.

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Stoker Class
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