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Below are types of Sharp Class dragons stated in the movie, the show and the video game. If I missed any, don't hesitate to PM me.
Common dragons are allowed by any members, while the rare can differ between Mods and Admins
Level 1=Very Common
Level 2=Common
Level 3=Uncommon 100 posts and up (Also, mods and up)
Level 4=Very uncommon-350 posts and up (Also, mods and up)
Level 5=Rare-400 posts and up-Must get permission from an admin or mod (Also, admins and up)
UR=Ultra Rare-Only admins are allowed to make these, and even then they must have at least 500 posts, the dragon can only be used for site events

Sharp Class
Sharp Class F13LzWU
Dragons that are known to possess razor sharp qualities and possess a generous dose of vanity. The image for Sharp class is a Deadly Nadder,but if you look at it closely it also looks like a Skrill.

Timberjack T Level 4
Sharp Class Yw7mG4I
The Timberjack is the name of a gigantic species of dragon. It appears to have a head that is of a similar shape to the Monstrous Nightmare  and has a long slender neck, body, and tail.

Its wingspan is huge such as the Typhoomerang and each wing has at least 2 hooks, indicating that it has four "limbs" total coming out of its sides.

Speed Stinger UT Level 4
Sharp Class FS9SBec
The Speed Stinger is a swift, flightless dragon which resembles a theropod dinosaur, but with sail-like appendages on its head, back and legs. Though the Speed Stinger is wingless, a pair of fins on its back appears somewhat like tiny wings. Its name is derived from the barbed stinger at the tip of its tail (rather like a stingray's). The leader has red stripes and fins while the other members of the pack are green. All of them have red stingers and red eyes. Their small pupils resemble those of Terrible Terrors.

The Speed Stinger is described as the Velociraptor of the Dragon World, being extremely intelligent and cunning. These dragons are ravenous scavengers, that will often steal from other dragons and vikings. They live in packs, led by a Lead Stinger, and have a hive-like mindset. The Lead Stinger decides everything, and the pack follows wherever he goes; without him, the pack becomes useless. Speed Stingers are nocturnal, spending the days in caverns in order to avoid predators. They are too aggressive to train.

The Speed Stinger lives up to its name. It is the fastest dragon on land, hunts in packs, and can't fly like all the other dragons. However, with its super speed and tiny "wings" on its back, it can jump higher than any other dragon. The sharp stinger on the end of its barbed tail contains venom that can temporarily paralyze its victim. It is also shown to be good at stealth and is a highly intelligent dragon. It is the first dragon in the movie universe that apparently lacks any sort of ranged attacks. This is because all the internal energy goes to its powerful legs, which give it its speed, agility, and capacity to jump high. Because of their thick hides and large amount of internal energy, Speed Stingers have great stamina.

Stormcutter T Level 3
Sharp Class RquYaKK
Stormcutters are known for their large size and two pairs of wings. They are also intelligent, proud, and confident. They have owl mannerisms and a second set of wings under their main ones that can splay and become an 'X-wing'. Stormcutter dragons walk on this second set of wings and their hind legs. The wings can also come close together so they can be like one main pair. They have a very muscular and sturdy build. Their face has two long spines that branch off their nose and to the side and they have a "smashed" face, kind of like an owl, you could also call them brachycephalic. Similar to a Night Fury, they have a finned tail. They also have many spines down their back that make them look intimidating with a large "crown" on their head that makes them look even more menacing.

Thanks to the unique body structures and heavy build, Stormcutter is indeed a very sharp and formidable hunter and a fighter. Their 'X-wing' beats up and down in sync and are probably used for extremely tight turns and maneuvers and for fighting foes. This body structure allows them to demonstrate aculeate flight techniques such as navigating through narrow and complicated spaces, or hovering and even rest in midair. They can also rotate their heads 180 degrees. It also can create a tornado-like fire, coating itself to create a fire tornado jacket to defend if things get really tricky. It can also use one of its hidden tail fin at the bottom of its tail for extremely fast speed (almost as fast as a Night Fury after the Skrill). When they walk they use their lower wings as forelegs while holding their upper wings against their sides.

Raincutter T Level 3
Sharp Class GC6icMv
The Raincutter looks like the Scauldron, but it has sails on its back and head like the Speed Stinger. The Raincutter's size may also be comparable to the Scauldron. It has a big rounded body, a long tail and a long neck with out the nasal horn. Its first pair of legs are small. Its nose horn is similar to the Deadly Nadder's, but smaller and its chin looks like the Hobblegrunt's. Raincutter's lower jaw is very massive and armored. This dragon's teeth is very similar to Hobblegrunt's teeth.

The Raincutter has aerodynamic fins that helps it fly more efficiently. These fins are also used for offense. The Raincutter's long neck enables it to pick up any grubs or worms in the dirt and mud. The Raincutter has a very sharp fin on its head, so it is possible that the Raincutter uses this fin against its prey to cut it to half.

Raincutters love wet, rainy places. It brings up the worms and grubs from the ground for them to eat. Like the Scauldron, these dragons dislike hot weather and the species are fairly similar. However, it is unknown if the Raincutter lives in the water.

Scuttleclaw T Level 1
Sharp Class 1czxe6R
t resembles a cross between a Deadly Nadder and a Hideous Zippleback. It's head is similar to a Zippleback's, and its body, legs and feet are reminiscent of a Nadder's. It has spines like those of a Zippleback too, and has a long tail. Scuttleclaws come in a large variety of colors (green, purple, reddish-brown, yellow, etc.)

So far, only baby Scuttleclaws have been seen. As infants, they are playful and listen to no one. Not even a Bewilderbeast can put them under command. This trait could be, rather eccentrically, one of few countermeasures effective to resist to the kings' dragon controlling. Even for infants, Scuttleclaws have proven to be quite powerful. They were able to carry heavy Vikings. It also appears they have green fire, though they haven't been seen using it in the second film. Like all baby dragons, Scuttleclaws are immune to the Bewilderbeast's control.

Hackatoo T Level 2
Picture not available
This impulsive and reckless member of the Sharp Class is a master at collecting long as its axe-like snout doesn't get stuck in the tree its cutting! The Hackatoo has three pairs of legs.

Hackatoo eggs laid at a high altitude can hook on to whatever they hit.

Unofficial: (original)

Diamond Glade T Level 5
Sharp Class NjCrcPx
The Diamond Glade is a very rare and mysterious Sharp Class dragon. It was first seen on a small island in the middle of the ocean by an Outcast named Elyas the Wicked. It is a fairly large (yet not as big as some) dragon, with sharp claws and a fierce intelligent, despite it's vanity. They have very keen senses of smell, and will often alert other animals of danger if they sense it.

They are generally peaceful creatures, roaming through the forests alone. They only come together to find a mate once a year, and it is rare to see one in company of others, unless one is a female with her cubs. Diamond Glades prefer dense forests to open moors.

The Diamond Glade has incredibly long and sharp nails, that they can use to shred an enemy to bits. The can cut trees down with these talons, and dig up roots as well as boulders. Their foreheads are enforced by strong scales as well as the horns, which they can use to attack. Their tail can seem as though it has a mind of its own, and it can pick up objects for a short period of time. It has pores in its tail that allow it to soak up liquids, generally water. They can use this to either store water or spout the liquid at an enemy.

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