How to Train Your Dragon
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An OC site for those fans of Berk. Roleplay as a rider or as a dragon
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PostSubject: Darcetanak   Darcetanak EmptySun Jan 05, 2014 1:58 pm

Darcetanak Z2DRfbs
Darcetanak: (The name of the dragon species-please be original and creative)
Still a mystery? (Who discovered this dragon? Or is it still a mystery?)
Trainability: T (is it trainable?)
Common in arctic areas and in the winter when it's colder (Rare or common?)
Mystery (See types for reference)
About  12 to 15 feet high, and 40 feet long. It has a muscular, stocky body with two powerful wings, and four legs.
Normal dragon weight?
12 feet is average probably but fully grown they can reach 15 feet:
Usually a bright white colour to blend in with their natural arctic environment however their scales can vary from light blue to light purple/pink
They have spikes on their tail which resemble Icicles..
: (Color can vary)
I think I already said ._. : (What is the dragon's typical build of the body?)
They are Common in the arctic areas and love to sleep at the top of mountains or very high structures.: (Anything that isn't already stated)
Baby Darcetanaks are usually completely white, the colours of their scales develop later on, The spikes that usually grow on their tail are also developed at a later age.
Normal baby dragon weight?:
1-2 ft small at birth not much bigger
White: (Color can vary)
Basically the same as before: (What is the dragon's typical build of the body?)
Other: (Anything that isn't already stated)
Darcetanaks are very timid dragons that usually tend to shy away from humans however you can earn their trust by sitting with them on their mountains and occasionally feeding them with Frozen fish.
Sleeping on mountains/meditating and eating frozen fish: (Can be only one or two things, such as general favorite type of food)
people who interrupt them when they are sleeping, hates eating anything that can cause them to get sick.: (Can be only one or two things, such as least favorite food)
Fire & Lightning: (Is there anything this species is generally afraid of?)
Weakness to Fire &/or heat: (What are the dragon's weaknesses?)
Will be usually quite shy but if not interrupted and brought a gift may take a liking to a certain person if they are nice.
: (Put here how it will normally act)
Frost Breath, Can Bite Scratch with Claws & Hit with it's tail.: (What types of attacks does it have? Fire? etc)
Can hear people even when asleep, (only adult) is usually learnt. (Does it have any special abilities? Optional)
High in the snowy mountains and in the arctic.: (Where does it typically live?)

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PostSubject: Re: Darcetanak   Darcetanak EmptySun Jan 05, 2014 3:03 pm

Oh boy. You see...the bolded words aren't meant to be there. You're supposed to leave the words as they were, but delete the words in parenthesis. like so


Habitat: (where does it typically live?)


Habitat: High in the snowy mountains and in the arctic.

But what you've done is put your words where they shouldn't be. Like so


Habitat: (where does it typically live?)


High in the snowy mountains and in the arctic (where does it typically live?)

Make sense?

After this has been fixed, I'll state what else is wrong-as it is difficult to understand when the format is incorrect.

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