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 Razor Bellies

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PostSubject: Razor Bellies   Razor Bellies EmptyMon Jan 06, 2014 9:54 am

.:Razor Belly:.
Razor Bellies 2qtjneh
Species Name: Razor Belly
Discovered By: It's still a mystery as of where it came from.
Trainability: Can be trainable or untrainable
Rarity: Uncommon-Rare (Depends on color)
Class: Strike
Appearance of Adult: As an aging adult, the scales on their belly become less sharp and they gain large spikes on their back
Approximate Weight: 300-500 lbs.
Approximate Size: 12 feet in height and 25 feet in length
Approximate Wingspan: 14-25 feet
Scale Color and Description: Green(Uncommon), Black(Uncommon), Grey(Uncommon), Red(Rare)
Build: This species is skinny, but its tail, legs, and wings a very muscular.
Other: Their body is very smooth and not too detailed, so it doesn't stand out too much, except for its glowing eyes. Also, because of their small claws, their firepower is rather high and their tail can be used as a heavy whip.
Appearance of baby to juvenile: Its wings are fully functional and they usually have large eyes that don't glow until they become a young adult (13-14 years)
Approximate Weight: 100-200 lbs.
Approximate Size: 5 feet in height 15 feet in length
Approximate Wingspan: 7 feet to 15 feet
Scale Color and Description: Usually starts out as white with a growing shade of their coloring.
Build: As a young dragon, they are very skinny and their tail is really the only defense they have since their scales on their belly haven't quite sharpened yet.
Other: Their claws haven't formed quite yet.
Personality: Razor Bellies are particularly quiet with an aggressive attitude when threatened. But when it's in a situation it likes, it will be a happy, loving dragon that enjoys snuggling quite a bit.
Likes: Bread, dim/wet areas
Dislikes: Destruction, crab
Fears: They have a bad habit of being afraid of spiders or insects. As well as falling mid-flight
Weaknesses: Their short claws are made up for by using their tail as a weapon. Or even laying on their back and exposing their stomach so the enemy can't get to them without gaining a few deep cuts.
Other: The Razor Belly makes clicking noises when it feels like it's in trouble or when it's feeling ambitious
Attacks: The Razor Belly can use two different types of strikes during a battle. It can either fire balls of pulsating energy (usually a green or blue color) that can burn and throw an enemy a few feet, or balls of fire that can light a building or opponent on fire temporarily by engulfing it in flames.
Special Abilities: The Razor Belly can make the scales on his/her belly stand upright to act like barbed wire. But if you step on the scales or land on them, they will break off and it usually takes a few hours for them to redevelop.
Habitat: The species usually resides in wetland areas or barely lit landscapes.
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PostSubject: Re: Razor Bellies   Razor Bellies EmptyMon Jan 06, 2014 12:53 pm

Wow this dragon is awesome. I don't see any problems with it, therefore Approved

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Razor Bellies
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