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 Fishing? What do you

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Fishing? What do you Empty
PostSubject: Fishing? What do you   Fishing? What do you EmptyMon Jan 06, 2014 5:20 pm

Marley's body curved with the tops of the buildings on the outermost part of Berk that seemed to fall off into the docks. His claws collected straw with every step and he tried to ignore the people scolding him below. He knew it was wrong, but every time he tried to walk on the ground a few feet below, he would have stuff thrown at him for knocking just about everything down in his tail's range.

The vikings were shaking their fists and some were even threatening with pitchforks or anything they had sitting near them. Despite the angry ones, there were occasionally those Vikings that would laugh. Half of the time, it was the Vikings that he hung around the most for their generous attitude.


Some of his steps caused his foot to fall through the roof. And everytime it happened, he had to apologize for it, despite the fact that he knew none of them would understand him.

"Aye....I really need to work on that."

Finally reaching the docks, he jumps down onto the ledge closest to the water. The wooden supports creaked and groaned as he slumped down onto his belly and swiped at the fish in the water beneath him. His yellow-greenish eyes grew large and his tail swished lightly from side to side as he watched the colorful fish dart back and forth from him causing so much ruckus to their quiet habitat.

"I wonder what it's like being a fish. Why, all the ever do is make bubbles with their mouths and swish their fins like they're trying to be the sexiest one of them all."

Not knowing that he was actually doing it, he began making blubbing noises by smacking his jaws open and shut. His claws still outstretched and messing with the water below.
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Fishing? What do you
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