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PostSubject: Blistiare   Blistiare EmptyTue Feb 25, 2014 6:26 pm

Blistiare Place an image of your OC here (optional)
Character Name: Fester, Blistaire
Nickname/Alias: Bliss
Age: 17
Dragon: will be updated and submitted soon
Gender: Female
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Hair Color: strawberry blond.
Eye Color: green
Build: between weakling and warrior, leaning towards chef.
Tattoos/Piercings: She has several burn scars in various locations, all hidden.
Other: (Put here how he/she normally looks) On a normal day, Bliss would wear her hair back in a braid, dawn a pair of pants, and keep her clothing overall simple as to allow for any activities done in the day. Most often she’ll wear an apron, and be seen with bandages wrapped about her, just so she can keep fresh ones on hand.
Personality: Always willing to lend a hand, but she despises when people act foolishly. She falls in love too easily and too quickly, and trys to get along with more people than the average vicking.
Likes: Most food & drink, stories by the fire, stars, animals, and of course, her dragon.
Dislikes: People who act foolishly, boys whom thrust themselves upon her, fires, and poor cooking.
Fears: Fires, the dark, loosing her dragon.
Weaknesses: Too dependant and easily trusting. Often mistakes kindness for love, or friendliness for hostility.
Other: To most, Bliss is, and may forever be a friend. She enjoys simply spending time with people, and treats most folk as she would the village Chief. Some consider her strange and useless, while others think her indisposible. For the most part, her interactions would remain friendly and simply supportive, as opposed to leading the story.

Role: Healer’s Apprentice (both human and dragon)
History: Born and raised in Berk by loving parents, Blistiare was originally named Fishgut, as her father was a fishermen, and her mother a cook. However, when she was but a baby, before the dragons were tamed, one set their home on fire, it burning to the ground with baby Bliss inside. She ended up with horrible burns on her stomach, arms, back, and legs. She was found in the wreckage the next morning, temporarily blinded by ash and debree, somehow having survived the flames which took her parents away.
Due to her injuries, the village Healer raised her. Originally, it was thought that Bliss was going to die, as she could not see, and was burned horribly. Yet miraculously her skin blistered only a little, and she healed. Her name was changed, representing the marks that stretch across her body. To someone who only just met her, she never does show that she’s missing her parents. She met her dragon shortly after they had begun being kept as pets, when she was gathering herbs for some burn medication, under a bush. At first, she was araid of the dragon hatchling, yet it followed her home, and followed her everywhere. She ingored it until one day, the hatchling slipped and fell on a blade, slicing its wing, leaving it unable to fly. Bliss took pity on the dragon, and treated it’s wound as best as she could.
Half a year later, the hatchling was now an adolescent dragon, and its wing had healed nicely. The dragon, however, despite now being able to fly again, kept its bond with Bliss, and would always be found within a shouting distance of her.

Sample RP:
The lad screamed in pain as Bliss pulled the needle through his flesh. “Aw tough’n up laddie, it doesn’t hurt as much after ya stop yammrin.” She smiled at the lad, watching his expression as she tied off the last knot and cut the thread. Getting out of the small stool she sat on, she wrapped the boy’s arm in bandages from her own, securing them inplace. As she turned to go, the lad called her back to his side.
“Bliss?” He said nervously. “Would you mind if I go riding with you tomorrow?” Bliss blinked.
“Not till yer arm heals, besides, don ya have better things ta do?” She responded.
“But Bliss, I’d prefer to go riding with you, everyday. I really kinda like you Bliss.” Had the lad’s face not been covered in dirt, he’d have been red.
Bliss turned maroon, then quickly back to her normal color, overhead her dragon made a sound similar to laughing. “Sorry Laddie, but I’m not into romance right now.” She murmered, and left.
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PostSubject: Re: Blistiare   Blistiare EmptyWed Mar 05, 2014 10:34 pm

Alright, I've been putting this off but I should probably get it over with (I'm lazy as all hell)

Let us begin!

-Picture, or lack thereof! Either delete the thingy that says [img][/img] [img'][/img] or fix the picature, thanks

-Please actually state her height and weight, just so that there's reference, instead of just saying average

Quote :
friendliness for hostility.
How does one mistake friendliness for hostility? Or am I just crazy... maybe..

-I assume you'll be making her dragon soon, but if it's just going to be her pet then I suggest either getting one from someone else or making it an NPC. I mean, it's your choice but just a suggestion.

Quote :
Healer’s Apprentice
Wait but up top it says she's leaning towards chef......what is she going to be?

-This dragon will have to be made before this OC is approved, I'm afraid :/

-and finally, you're missing something at the bottom there. Please read the rules ^.^

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