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 Sapphire Waverider

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Sapphie Waverider

Sapphire Waverider 845

Species Name: Sapphire Waverider
Discovered By: Discovered by a fisherman in his boat out in the middle of the sea.
Trainability: Definitely Trainable!
Rarity: Level 2 - Common
Class: Tidal
Appearance of Adult: 
  Approximate Weight: 190 lb - 220 lb
  Approximate Size: Head to tail: Approx 9 ft, Front paw to Head - 7 ft
  Approximate Wingspan: 15-19 ft
  Scale Color and Description:
They are an always blue species, but the tone can vary from a deep navy to a sparkling teal. However, the most common colouring is a sapphire, or a pacific blue like the ocean on a Summer's day. The colouring underneath their wings can vary in colour also, but is limited to the blue green palette.
  Build: Lithe and flexible, from years of swimming in the ocean. The males are stronger then the females, however, being able to take flight directly from the sea while females have to build up some momentum before being able to lift off.
  Other:  Sapphire Waveriders don't have scales. Their skin is strong and leathery, but they do not have any "scales" to speak of. They are always slightly damp. On their head they bear a set of fins, and they have fur running from the back of their heads to the start of their tale, with the males having additional whiskers on the chin. Their wings are always a little bit tattered, but are strong all the same, with the material between webbed. Their tails are topped with a feathery plume of fur. Their claws are short but strong, and they always have red or orange eyes.
Appearance of baby to juvenile:
   Approximate Weight: Baby:  50lb, Juvenile: 70 - 150 lb.
   Approximate Size: head to tail: Approx 5 feet, Front paw to head approx 4 ft
  Approximate Wingspan: 8-10  ft.
   Scale Color and Description: Waveriders are one breed where the colour of the dragon is determined from birth.
   Build: They are thin and strong, and already have the ability to swim.
The only noticeable difference between the parents and the young are that the young do not possess the markings on their body (which develop and darken as they age), they do not have fur and they have slightly smaller fins. Their wings also are not as tattered.
   Likes: Waveriders love anything from the ocean, but have a special taste for crustaceans and kelp. They also like swimming and diving, often having competitions with others of their kind. They adore the rain.
   Dislikes: They dislike hail. It annoys them. Also, sharks are a constant nuisance. They hate saddles too.
   Fears: They are all terrified of storms, especially lightning, as one strong buffet of wind or one strike of lightning could send them plunging into the sea, never to resurface.
   Weaknesses: Their wings are easily pierced and damaged, and their lack of scales means that they have little defence.
Sapphire Waveriders have a good sense of humour. Tricksters and pranksters to the max, they are commonly found playing and messing about with others of their kind. They are very friendly and sociable, loving to chatter and meet new dragons and people. They may have large wing spans, but don't let that fool you - they are just as comfortable in the water as they are in the air. They tend to find the happy medium though, flitting just above the waters surface, hence their name. They are easy to befriend, but difficult to tame, as they hate the sensation of saddles. If you want to ride them, you are going to have to do it bareback.

Their lithe forms means they can swim at extremely fast speeds, yet still keep their rider at the surface of the water, occasionally leaping and bouncing out just for the fun of it. They may seem very carefree and happy, but can still fight just as well as the next dragon, and will do so if cornered. The parents are defensive of their young and territory, and only come onto land to breed.

They are clever and will catch on to things quickly, and are eager to learn new things. They learn best when young, however, so if you wish to train them properly for battle and combat, then it is almost necessary to befriend a young Waverider.

Attacks: They have short but sharp claws, which can grip onto something and never let it go. They can easily grab on and drag their unlucky victim down into the depths, where they drown. They have a mean bite also, and can wrap their tail around many things. Oddly enough, they like to tickle things too with their tail, and this sometimes works, rendering the opponent defenceless by bouts of hysterical laughter.

They also like to take the battle to the seas. The element of surprise is their best friend.  they  swoop and dive into the ocean, bringing the enemy close, before springing out of the water and attacking them, promptly vanishing again.

Special Abilities: N/A
These dragons are almost always found out at sea. They can be spotted in the waves, just drifting along, or flying high in the sky, circling and looking for prey. Sometimes, they are in the rocky bluffs of islands, where they nest and breed.

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Sapphire Waverider
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