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 Book of Dragons

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Stated below are the classes. There are seven classes. Below each of the pictures are descriptions of the class, including the dragons in the class as well as a link to the pages.

Stoker Class
Book of Dragons 7mD4Q5O
Stoker Class dragons are hotheaded fire breathers, and most of them are capable of setting themselves on fire. However, it is possible to lose their fire, a sign that shows that the stoker dragon is about to die. This can be reignited by a Fireworm Queen's venom or by eating their Flame Gel combs. The image for Stoker class is a Monstrous Nightmare. Included in this Class are Monstrous Nightmares, Terrible Terrors, Typhoomerangs, Fireworms, Red Deaths and Hobblegrunts.

Boulder Class
Book of Dragons G9k3rp9
Boulder Class dragons are tough and associated with the earth. They can eat rocks, and despite that their wings are smaller compared to their entire body, they are able to fly as fast and as high as most other dragons can. The symbol for Boulder class is a Gronckle. Included in this class are Gronckles, Whispering Deaths, Screaming Deaths, Hotburples, and the Snafflegang.

Tracker Class
Book of Dragons EAzdGlG
The symbol of this class reuses the Fear Class symbol, despite the Hideous Zippleback not being in this Class. The dragons in this class have highly acute sense of smell to track and find things. The dragon species included are Deadly Nadders and Rumblehorns.

Sharp Class
Book of Dragons F13LzWU
Sharp Class dragons are vain and prideful, and they all possess sharp body parts. The image for Sharp class is a Deadly Nadder despite not being in said class. Included dragons are Timberjacks, Speed Stingers, Stormcutters, Raincutters, Scuttleclaws and Hackatoos.

Tidal Class
Book of Dragons Fw9DBt2
Tidal Class dragons live in and near the ocean, and unlike most dragons, they don't use fire breaths as their ranged attacks, although very few can, they rarely do use them. The dragons in this class are generally larger in size than most of the others. A Scauldron is used as a symbol of the Tidal Class. Included dragons are Scauldrons, Thunderdrums, Seashockers, Bewilderbeasts, Shockjaws, Sand Wraiths and Tide Gliders.

Mystery Class
Book of Dragons RXvp6iF
Mystery Class dragons have little known about them due to how stealthy and sneaky they are. All dragons in this class are generally feared more so than the other dragon classes. A Changewing appears to be the symbol of the Mystery Class. Mystery Class dragons include Changewings, Boneknappers, Smothering Smokebreaths, Flightmares, Sweet Deaths, Hideous Zipplebacks and Snaptrappers.

Strike Class
Book of Dragons Haw5Thu
Strike Class dragons have blazing speed, pin-point accuracy, vice-like jaw strength, powerful attacks and extreme intelligence. All strike class dragons utilize lightning in their ranged attacks (Skrills absorbs lightning and fires it; Night Furies breathe plasma: a mixture of fire and lightning) Dragons in this class are the rarest of all, are near close to extinction, and also the most difficult to train, but the most loyal once training has been accomplished.  Toothless is used as a symbol for this class (you can tell because the tail is missing). Strike Class dragons include Skrills and Night Furies.

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Book of Dragons
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