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 Ice Whisper

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PostSubject: Ice Whisper   Ice Whisper EmptyMon Dec 23, 2013 11:43 pm

Ice Whisper
Ice Whisper J7R3IsJ
Ice Whisper FQFjkZl
Character Name: Ice Whisper
Nickname/Alias: Ice, Icy, Whisper, Whis
Age: Young adult (Equivalent to a 19 year old human)
Trainer: None
Gender: Female
Class: Strike Class
Species: Night Fury
 Weight: 200 lbs.
 Size: Small-ish, but muscular
 Scale Color and Description: A dark gray with a few lighter markings around her eyes, neck, tail and legs
 Eye Color: Right eye is blue and left is green
 Build: A small, wiry shape with strong wings, sharp teeth and fierce claws
 Other: She has dark grey scales and lighter grey colored marking strikes along her body. Her eyes glint in the light, whether it be day or night. Her slim figure allows her to slip through eyesight easily, especially in the night and through the clouds. She is a very beautiful Night Fury, though few have seen her.
 Likes: Trees, cover, flying, darkness, clouds, being unseen
 Dislikes: Vikings, humans in general, the light of day, other dragons
 Fears: Being found, vikings
 Weaknesses: She is easily frightened despite her normal way of carrying herself. She doesn't like to make friends, which is both a strength and a weakness. She'll never be tied down by friendship, but she will never have anyone coming to her aid.
 Other: Whisper doesn't like socializing with others, be it dragon or man. She is highly unsocial, keeping to herself and lashing out when others come too close. She hates being near people, especially those of Berk. She lives far away from the village, but still on the island. She frequents an island a little ways off from the main, one that the human's don't exactly know of.

When she is around others, she holds herself high and proud. She rarely makes mistakes, i.e. falling or crashing. She takes care of herself, always making sure her scales are clean and shiny while her tail and wings are kept neat. She is very beautiful despite being unsocial, and she walks through the forest with pride. She generally stays hidden, always keeping away from any living being except for her prey.

She moves around via walking on her short, thin legs or flying with her large wings. She is graceful when she moves, walking with deliberate steps. When she talks-which is rare-it is with elegantly spoken words, enunciated with care. Despite her voice being barely used. Her voice floats through the air with beauty, and her laughter sounds similar to ringing bells.

Ice Whisper is varied with all of her personality. She can be unsocial and rude, elegant and graceful, kind and sweet or angry and brutal-all depending on the situation.

Role: Wild as they come
History: Ice Whisper was born to two beautiful parents, and she was the only one of the litter. Her mother cared for her while her father left immediately, uncaring. She never saw him again, for which she didn't care for as she never knew him. Her mother however, disappeared when she was young. Young enough to remember, but old enough to care for herself.

She grew up living alone, catching food for herself and fending off predators. As she lived, she grew to hate any and all beings other than herself. They were just nuisances to be picked off one by one.

When she was older, a group of young vikings found her in the forest. They attempted to tame her, to climb her and ride her around. She fought them off fiercely, fear taking over her as she clawed at them. She left two horribly injured and one nearly dead.

This sparked her hatred for the people. She simply always despised other animals, they annoyed her. So she lived alone. All alone. Her story starts on the far side of the island, alone.

Sample RP: 5. A viking from Berk approaches your dragon OC. He/she attempts to ride your OC. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Ice Whisper was padding along in the forest, her wings tucked neatly at her sides and her tail swishing around, stirring up the leaves. Her teeth snapped hungrily, unsheathing and retracting as she went. The Night Fury's ear twitched as a sound caught her off guard, the sound of feet plodding along behind her. Her ears flattened against her head, and she whipped around angrily with a hiss.

The sound of someone stumbling around resounded about the area. A growl formed on her lips, and she glared into the shrubs. A moment later, the furry boot stepped out of the bushes. Ice Whisper walked backwards, curling her tail around herself in fear.

"Leave me alone!" She snarled in a language the man wouldn't understand. He strolled fully out of the brush, his hands down in caution. Whisper curled her lip in anger, watching him with fierce eyes.

"It's okay, it's okay." The man mumbled, walking forward carefully. Whisper sent him one last growl before pushing off of the ground in one giant leap. The man looked after her, a look of woe in his eyes. Whisper was already long gone, flying away into the dark night.


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PostSubject: Re: Ice Whisper   Ice Whisper EmptyMon Dec 23, 2013 11:53 pm

i did not see any glaring mistakes and there is enough info to rp off of approved
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Ice Whisper
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