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 Muffin Tummy

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PostSubject: Muffin Tummy   Muffin Tummy EmptyTue Dec 24, 2013 1:03 am

Muffin Tummy “the destroyer”
Character Name: Muffin Tummy
Nickname/Alias: the destroyer
Age: young adult ( about 20 in human terms)
Trainer: none yet
Gender: female
Class: sharp class
Species: Timberjack
  Weight: 350 lbs
  Size: huge
  Scale Color and Description: greyish brown
  Eye Color: blue
  Build: slender and serpent like
  Other: she is small for her race but still pretty huge in comparison with other dragons. She is more slender and serpent like than her siblings.
  Likes: destroying things, eating sheep, and hiding and scaring other dragons. She also likes sweet things like hugs and kindness in other creatures but will attack you if she is called out on it.
  Dislikes: mean creatures and being known as sweet.
  Fears: she is afraid of fire
  Weaknesses: physically she is not so strong and she will runaway from fire of any type.
  Other: Cold and proud and aloof on the outside but super sweet and adorable once you get past the icy outside. she acts as if she is beyond reproach, cool, invincible, proud and just, but really she is super sensitive and sweet. When her sweet side sneaks out she is quick to put out the flames unless it becomes well known which would ruin her life. She is frequently mean to those she likes because she does not want her tender side sneaking out but she is also quick to give surprise presents and the like. She is a bit weak and clumsy but denies it as a lie if and when it comes up.

Role: wild
History: she was born to a clutch of 3. All her siblings are male and received cool names from their doting parents like air slasher and such, but not her. She was the last to be born and the only female and so her parents gave her the name Muffin Tummy. It was a name they had heard whilst bothering the residents of berk.
Growing up she was coddled and kept safe barely being taught to fend for herself. Her parents fostered her sweet side finding it rather adorable in her younger years. she was clumsy and had trouble producing embers though her wings were sharper than most. When she was still pretty young she accidentally started a forest fire and got trapped inside from this she gained a huge fear of fire and almost never uses the ember skill unless she has no other option.
She was kept in the nest much longer than her siblings and when at last she was free she had trouble fitting in with her kind as she was small and not very aggressive. She got picked on a lot and so worked hard to foster a new image of herself as the destroyer. Often acting recklessly and violently, a trait she has done well to get rid of now that she is older placing it with cool aloofness.

Sample RP: ( A male dragon is bullying a female dragon in the forest. When your OC looks to him, he turns to your OC and snaps, "What're you looking at?" Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation. )

Muffin was wandering the forest out of sheer boredom, admiring the blooming flowers. This was one of her favorite hobbies during her hours of boredom. Soon she began to near a rock outcropping from which issued the hisses and growls of an argument. It happened pretty frequently among her kind as she neared she distinguish a male and female voice. It wasn't any of her business and she hoped to skirt by them unseen. However, as luck would have it she tripped on a large root and stumbled awkwardly into the clearing containing the squabbling dragons.
She righted herself just in time to see the male turn to her. She looked from him to the female quivering on the ground from the tongue lashing she had received only moments before. When her gaze returned to the mare he angrily shouted at her.

“ What're you looking at!” he snarled “ get outta here before I teach you a lesson fool!”

She was stunned but her rage flickered to life honed from countless such occasions. She rose up onto her tale like a serpent ready to strike, her sharp wings spreading ever so slightly.

“ how dare you speak to me in such a tone commoner.” she hissed in rage, her pupils constricting with wrath. “ Don't you understand with whom you speak ..fool!”

Without another word she set upon him in fury slashing and biting in crazed abandon.

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PostSubject: Re: Muffin Tummy   Muffin Tummy EmptyTue Dec 24, 2013 1:29 am

Still....I mean...once all den Timberjack babies get bigger deh island is in for some real shit

But whatever


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Muffin Tummy
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